Tuesday, September 20, 2016

If you want better results, you must take better actions.

If you want better actions you must think better thoughts.

Don't wait for job opportunity. Create business opportunity.
Use the gifts God gave you to meet the needs God gave others.

When you have a job, you go to look for money. But when you have a business, money comes looking for you.

You only take lifts from a car going in your direction, so why make friends with people who aren't going your direction?

If it is to be, it is up to me!
Good more earnings...
One of the major fears that prevent people from pursuing their dreams is 'the fear of the unknown' which manifests itself through 'what if'.

What if I start a restaurant and people don't patronize me?

What if I resign my job and I don't do well in my pursuit?

What if I write a novel and people don't buy?

What if I start a church and people don't attend?

As humans, we want to know the end from the beginning before we launch out, which is impossible.

It takes faith and courage to pursue one's dreams.

Read me: It's normal to be afraid when you want to pursue your dreams, but courage is doing it afraid! If you want to know the end from the beginning, you'll never start.

Take a bold step NOW…Good Afternoon

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